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State-of-the-art Driver & Tweeter materials
Level 8 - Carbon Fiber + Rohacell Driver, Ceramic Dome Tweeter.
Level 6 - Kevlar + Nomex Driver, Powder Coated Aluminum Tweeter. 
Level 4 - Textured Polypropylene Driver, Coated Aluminum Tweeter.
Level 2 - Textured Polypropylene Driver, Cloth Dome Tweeter.

Cutting-edge test & simulation software was utilized to ensure a
consistent frequency response and sonic signature at any SPL
and significantly minimized distortion at higher volumes.

Smooth power response out to +/-60 degrees delivers superb
off-axis performance and allows speakers to be installed for best
aesthetic without compromising audio quality.


High excursion Woofers with 3X the travel of similar speakers
deliver extended bass response.

Low-diffraction Tweeters provide clear and accurate treble.

Forward-placed Woofers minimizes early reflections, improving
clarity and overall sonic performance.

13˚ pivoting Driver allow low and mid frequencies to be directed
as required. 

13˚ independently pivoting Tweeter provides additional rotation,
allowing fine tuning of high frequencies.

Diecast aluminum baffle (Level 8) increases rigidity and improves
speaker clarity.

Tweeter level switch provides flexibility to adjust treble level
according to user preference and room acoustics.


Award-winning one-piece microtrim grille allows for one-step
painting process. 

Easily removable scrim cloth simplifies painting process even further
and ensures fit and finish integrity

Square adapter converts any* round speaker into a square, simplifying
installation and alignment. 

Magnetic frame a tight grille fit along edges and into corners for a
superior finished aesthetic.

*Excluding Extreme

Combined Single Stereo and Surround models - set the switch and
convert from SST to SUR.

Two-piece toggle feet accommodates installation surfaces of up to
2" (51mm)* thick.
*In-Ceiling models

Solutions for any application in every room including Round, Square,
Rectangle, 4” and 6” (2-way), 8” (3-way), Single Stereo, LCR,
Surrounds, Thinline, Extreme, Woofers and Subwoofers.

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